Censored Women’s Film Festival 2015 Recap

In 2015, Honor Diaries launched the first-ever Censored Women’s Film Festival. It was held at the Global Women’s Institute at George Washington University in Washington, DC and was the first time that filmmakers, activists, academics and student came together to watch important censored films, and discuss some of the issues the films covered.

Some quick facts:

  • We crowdfunded over $25,000 to host the festival
  • Over the course of two days, we showed five films and hosted five workshops on honor-based/cultural violence against women
  • Filmmakers and activists attended from the USA, Canada, and UK   
  • Over 200 students, professionals, and activists also came
  • We had meetings on Capitol Hill with staffers from the House Foreign Relations Committee and two congressional offices
  • Multiple media hits including: The GW Hatchet, GW Today, WEAA radio, Opportunity Lives, Business Journal, and Al Hurra TV

Most importantly, CWFF was a bold, innovative and safe space to discuss the most important issues of our day with people of many religious, ethnic, and political backgrounds.

Highlights Reel:

Speakers Included:

  • Janice Kovach, Women’s Rights Advocate; Mayor of Clinton, New Jersey
  • Zainab Khan, Chair, Mala; Clinical Psychologist’ Featured, Honor Diaries
  • Leslie B. Jacobson, Professor of Theatre, George Washington University
  • Fatima Sabri, Women’s Rights Activist
  • Leyla Hussein, Psychotherapyst; Anti-FGM Activist; Featured, Cruel Cut
  • Paula Kweskin, J.D. Ll.M; Writer/Producer, Honor Diaries; Founder, CWFF
  • Raheel Raza, Muslim Women’s Rights Activist; Featured, Honor Diaries
  • Neena Nejad, Director, The Price Of Honor
  • Charlotte Feldman-Jacobs, Gender Program Director; Population Reference Bureau
  • Aruna Papp, Women’s Rights Activist

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